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Hudson Reed Kitchen Sinks & Taps

Hudson Reed's philosophy is a simple one. They provide luxury kitchen taps at affordable prices, combining comfort and reliability with practicality and quality craftsmanship.

Please click below to view the Hudson Reed Stainless Steel, Contemporary or Traditional Range of taps.


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Hudson Reed Stainless Steel Collection

Today's kitchen demands the highest level of fashion. This contemporary stainless steel collection offers a range of designs to complement the most up-to-date kitchen interiors.

     Pro side action mixer           Pro side action mixer           Pro cruciform mixer                 KH301                                   KH302                                   KH303   

     Pro cruciform mixer                Pro high rise mixer              Xtreme sink mixer                 KH304                                  KH370                                  MZ307   


Hudson Reed Contemporary Collection

Hudson Reed kitchen taps and mixers with lever handles ring the changes with a new angle on water control. Their ease of use can also offer practicality for users, without compromising the design.

    Cruciform sink mixer           Tec Cruciform sink mixer     Cruciform cloakroom mixer                PN335X                                  PN335                                   PN355   

 Single lever high rise mixer       Side action sink mixer              High rise mixer                  PN370                                     PN380                                  PP370      

 Single lever high rise mixer       Side action sink mixer              High rise mixer                  PN378L                                    PN385X                                  KC301     


Hudson Reed Traditional Collection

Modern technology and true period kitchen styling gives the Traditional tap and mixer kitchen range a timeless elegance.

      Bib taps and upstands       Dualflow mono sink mixer   Dualflow cruciform sink mixer                  KD302                                    KD303                                  KD304    

Dualflow cross bridge mixer   Dualflow lever bridge mixer                     KD306                                    KD306L